POKER88 : Focused on the 6-Point Keno Strategy

Many of you out there love 6 places, which is the focus of the day. At 7,752: 1 odds if you are a serious keno player you will hit your share.

Keep in mind that if you play 6,000 games and don’t make it, the odds are still 7.752-to-1 from hitting a solid 6 out of 6. You might hit one game first or even hit a few of them during your stay at poker88.

The 6 spots have many great features. It’s not that hard to hit solid and usually pays a reasonable return. Most pay tables for 6 spots pay out from 3 places and more, giving you at least your cash back, on average, every eight games.

The best 6 places I saw were on The D for low level games. He returned $ 1,200 for the 40 cents bet. Best for the high rollers are the $ 10 SS bets on The Orleans and Gold Coast, which return $ 20,000 in decent intermediate payouts, even though they were dropped from the better payouts about a year ago.

The specific odds are as follows: Hit 3 of 6, 7-to-1 odds (usually returns your bet); 4 out of 6 odds is 34 to 1; 5 of 6 is 322-to-1; 6 out of 6 odds is 7,752-to-1.

The best way to play 6 places is to reduce the odds. Try playing 7 kings played as one 7 and seven 6s. This way your odds of hitting 6 out of 6 are really odds of hitting 6 of 7 – 1.365-to-1. Of course you have to pay for all of these ways.

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